General Contractor Las Vegas

When it comes to construction company contractors in the Las Vegas area, Hard Rock Pumping is one of the
best in the business.

With over twenty-five years of general contractor experience, Hard Rock Pumping is considered one of the best and most dedicated construction company in Las Vegas

Construction Leadership

Our staff keeps to a keen schedule and project guidelines skills to implement efficiency.

Building Repairs

Contact our office regarding any repairs for the most accurate quote. 

Safety Training

Consistent safety training for the workplace and considered reliable as a high quality contractor.


Concrete is the foundation for community growth and will continue to provide that foundation for America.

Premium Customer Service

The staff at Hard Rock Pumping are among best in the construction industry.

Site Management

Being partnered with the most experienced concrete pumpers in Nevada, makes projects run smoothly.

Family owned and operated construction company to provide a personal touch to every client, the company knows concrete like no other. The company got its start with concrete pumping, and they bring their knowledge and  xpertise to every job regardless of the client.

Hard Rock Pumping has worked on commercial, residential, and municipal projects. Industrial concrete pumping, work on state and federal bridges, commercial concrete pumping, high rise concrete pumping, and residential concrete pumping, the contractors at Hard Rock have handled all sorts of jobs for all sorts of clients.

Industrial Concrete Pumping

Industrial construction has a more logistical layout of the structure that Hard Rock Pumping is used to.

State and Federal Bridges

Amongst the top quality governement construction contractor and certified through ACPA.

Commercial Concrete Pumping

Commercial projects can vary in size from office building to shopping malls. We have them all covered.

High Rise Concrete Pumping

When pumping concrete for high rise buildings. We provide the most durable and reliable equipment.

Residential Concrete Pumping

Residential job sites can move quickly without rest. Our operators are trained to keep the pace and maintain a quality outcome.

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

There is many elements that puts Hard Rock Concrete Pumping as Nevada’s top contractor. No matter the size of the project, we treat each job same.

looking for the best concrete contractor? No need to continue the search. We make the process from the initial contact to completion, very simple for our clients.

America’s concrete pumping contractors are there to lay the foundation for our country and community to grow.

Hard Rock Pumping’s reputation is built with facilitating projects and keeping the communication and cooperation with all local government officials and clients.
This is how we are considered to be the #1 choice when it comes to concrete pumping.

Contact for estimate

As their website states, foundations are a vital part for any construction project. A good foundation means a good building, and that is exactly the sort of work in which Hard Rock Pumping excels. A concrete foundation handled by them is one guaranteed to last and set the tone for a sturdy, reliable building project.

It’s important to start a construction job right, and the right start means a strong foundation. Whether the project is for a new industrial complex, a new business plaza, or for a new home, Hard Rock Pumping has the equipment to get the job done. Prepared for any job no matter the size, the contractors at Hard Rock Pumping bring their skills to every job to make sure it gets the expertise it deserves to get done right.

Hard Rock Pumping knows concrete, both in pumping it and placing it. No matter the job or client, they
make sure the work is done reliably and that any job they pump and place is guaranteed to last.


Construction Concrete Pumping Leadership

With a fleet of concrete pumping trucks and amazing customer service. Hard Rock Pumping expertise is unmatched.

Construction concrete pumping leadership

Las Vegas Concrete Pumping Contractor for 25 years

We set the standard in the concrete pumping industry with integrity

Our professional team of certified concrete pumper operators coupled with our state-of-the-art concrete pumping equipment makes all concrete design requirements a reality.

Please contact one of our highly trained business development service professionals for all of your concrete placement requirements, whether on land or water, commercial or industrial, vertical or horizontal, day or night.

Hard Rock Pumping & Placement is a full service concrete pumping organization ready and prepared at all times, to serve the concrete placing needs of customers.

Our goal is to make your project assignment a pleasant accident free reality. Please take a moment to browse through our website to learn more about our concrete pumping services. 

If you have any questions or do not know where to start, our sales representatives and concrete pumping specialists will be happy to assist you.

In the meantime, we invite you to learn more about our construction company and our fleet of concrete pumping trucks.

We have positioned ourselves to best meet your project requirements, given our superior equipment and service. Please consider using Hard Rock Pumping & Placement for your concrete placement needs on future projects.

For a complimentary consultation, a free quote, please contact us.

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