Concreting Pump

Quality Requirements of Pumped Concrete

Pumped out concrete is used in most of the construction where the space of the construction is less or where it is mostly inaccessible. Thus, a concreting pump comes in handy in such situation. There are a lot of different concreting pump that comes with varied capacities of concrete pour. In this article we will include all the essential quality requirements of pumped concrete. Be with us till the end to know all the quality requirements.

concreting pump

Quality Requirements of Pumped Concrete You Should Check

Here is presenting you with the various essential concreting pump quality requirements.

  • Pumping Lines: The pump lines are a combination of a sturdy pipe connected to a heavy duty hose pipe. The pipes installed in the concreting pump are made up of either plastic or steel. You should always avoid aluminium alloy pipe. The hose is made of rubber.
  • Concrete Mixture Proportions: The concrete mixture should be in plastic state and should be mixed in correct proportions. There should not be any coarse material as there will be problems while pumping through concreting pump.
  • Coarse and Fine Aggregates: Coarse aggregates must be used as in 5 to 10 percent. The maximum size of the coarse aggregates must be limited to the one third of the smallest inner diameter of the pump line for the crushed aggregates or the 40 percent of the smallest inner diameter for the rounded aggregates. Fine aggregates having modulus between 2.40 and 3.00 are enough to pass through the concreting pump.
  • Slump: The slump with the requite water and establishing the optimum slump is necessary where in the slump must be within 2 in to 6 in for a smooth transfer.

Admixtures: Admixtures with water-reducing and air-entraining are required with pozzolanas to improve the pumping ability of the concreting pump.