Construction Safety

Follow These Construction Safety Tips to Avoid Safety Concerns

If you are a concrete contractor, you must follow some of the basic construction safety measures and introduce them to your team for the overall safety. Many a times the outsiders visit the construction site. It is your duty being a concrete contractor to provide him with the required safety guidance and equipments. In this article we will let you know some of the construction safety measures that you must follow and if you are a company you must implement in your enterprise. Stick till the end to know all of them.

construction safety

The Must Follow Construction Safety Tips

Below mentioned are some of the must follow construction safety tips for the companies and the individual contractors:

  • Conduct Frequent Safety Reviews With the Staffs: You must indulge in frequent safety reviews with the concrete contractors and sub-contractors and appoint a safety officer who will record everything in a logbook.
  • Maintain All the Tools and Equipments: It is mandatory to properly maintain the tools and equipments that are used and not used frequently.
  • Wear Safety Equipments While On The Construction Site: The construction safety starts with the wearing of the safety equipments while on the site whether you are a contractor or an outsider.
  • Stick To the Three Point Contact Rule: You must maintain the three point contact rule which states that while mounting or dismounting, all employees should keep two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand in constant contact with the machine.

Monitor the Weather Conditions: You must follow the weather forecasts before starting work as a bad weather condition can cause a lot of injuries in the site and can also hamper the construction procedure. To maintain construction safety of all the employees it is an important practice.