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Let’s get your project started the right way with the right equipment. We have concrete pumping equipment for any type of job. Does not matter the size of the project big

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Concrete pumping has become the most vital part when it comes to budget and productivity. Reaching distances where ready mix trucks are not able to.

The cost of concrete pumping opposed to crane and bucket. Average savings upto 33% on budget, also productivity increases due to the speed the concrete travels vs crane and bucket for any high rise concrete pumping.

When it comes to eco friendly construction and concrete pumps on site. Pumps will benefit the outcome of the project by assisting  dirt moving machines to use less emmissions. Concrete pumps are designed to reach over approved areas keeping mixer trucks at a more accessible location without having to excavate.


Partnering with a reliable concrete pumping contractor will make a construction site run efficiently. As it expands the imaginatiion of the Owners, Architects, Estimators, and Contractors by the accessibility of the distance a pump can reach and the speed of the concrete to pour.

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Concrete Pumping and Placement Equipment

Our equipment used for any concrete pumping services will provide the height and length to reach. These areas are where no other concrete truck can get access to.

Our concrete trucks can reach over a vertical height of 170 feet and a outward horizontal reach over 158 feet.

With the additional trucks that we have ready to go. Hard Rock Pumping now positioned to provide service for any project, no matter the size.

Our services reach the Residential Industry, whether it existing or new construction. Commerical Industry to pump for large Hotels, Casino’s, Stadium, and Industrial Buildings.

We take great pride with continuing to be a big part of our growing economy by producing a service to build a foundation for America.


A few common questions that are asked . 

Hopefully you  can find our frequent questions section usefull. If you there any questions regarding your project or any general inquiries. Contact our concrete specialist to receive the option that best works for your project.

What is concrete pumping?

Concrete pumping machines transport the wet ready mix concrete to its pour location.

Hard Rock Pumping provides a fleet of pumping equipment for any size project.

What areas do you cover?

We provide service throughout Southern Nevada

Service locations outside of Las Vegas, NV are:

Mt. Charleston,
Indian Springs,
Boulder City,
Is concrete pumping safe and efficient?

Concrete pumping provides a safe environment due to not having to do any extra excavation on the job site for access.

Contractors can expect to save by upto 33% of their concrete cost by partnering up with a concrete pumping contactor. Our boom can reach upto 52m (107 ft).

What Do I need to know before hiring a concrete pump?

The size of the project and where the furthest point of the pour location will determine the length of pipeline is preferred. 

If you have any questions regarding the size of your project. Contact our staff as we are ready to answer questions. 

access to the property is a little bit tricky.

Our pumps have the size and length to reach the areas where concrete must be placed.  By this we take an account the limited access to the construction site and the total length the furthest point of the pour location. 

By using a concrete pump can save cost by reducing time and manpower.