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The Most Prevalent Types of Industrial Concrete Floor Reinforcement

Concrete floor reinforcement refers to providing strength and minimise cracking in the floor. The same rule is applicable to the industrial concrete floor reinforcement. Proper floor reinforcement is always required whether you are going for industrial concrete reinforcement. In this article we will be discussing about the common types of the concrete reinforcement that would let you understand which concrete reinforcement will be best for your industrial space and will be durable and as well as long-lasting. Keep on reading this article till the end to know more.

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Judge the Industrial Concrete Floor Reinforcement

Here is introducing you the five most common types of industrial concrete reinforcements provided for your better understanding:

  • Plain Concrete Floors: The plain concrete floors are the simplest forms of floors that are made by the concrete only and are devoid of any steel reinforcements. These are very much inappropriate for industrial units.
  • Steel Mesh Reinforcements: These reinforcements are a better version of the previous one and contain one or two layers of the steel mesh. These are still not appropriate for the industrial units.
  • Reinforcement Bars or Rebars: This process of reinforcement consists of steel bars scattered throughout the concrete to provide overall tensile strength. But once the bars get destroyed, the concrete loosens.
  • Fiber Concrete Floors: In this type of reinforcements, fibers made up of steel, glass or polypropylenes are mixed with the concrete. Exposing these concrete increases the resistance and thus are good for industrial concrete floors.

Prestressed Concrete Floors: In this type, steel cables are used in the concrete in the either side of the slabs. These perform well but not that much as the rebars or the reinforcement bars. Thus, it is absolutely not recommended as well.