Many think this is a boring, trying time, but you know what? It doesn’t have to be! The sun is shining, you’re cooped up at home, and the kids are jumping out of their skin. Stretch your legs and get their wiggles out with these creative DIY ideas for sidewalk fun!

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Kids love to scribble, and they can create some fantastic works of art when given the freedom to let loose! Instead of scolding them for doodling on the walls in their boredom, let their imaginations shine as they draw all over the easy-to-wash sidewalk! Keep their artwork out for all to see until the next rainfall, or simply spray down the concrete with a water hose when they’re done. It’s as simple as that!

Giant Board Games

What’s cooler than your favorite board game? A giant, chalk version of your favorite board game! Let your creativity soar as you reimagine games such as Monopoly, Twister, and Sorry, or create your very own original board game with the kiddos! There are hundreds of possibilities. Customize it and make the perfect game for your family, where you can be the game pieces!

Sidewalk Photo Shoot

This one is really fun! Have your kiddos draw the perfect backdrop for a photo, then let them lay down and make goofy poses. You can take pictures that will last a lifetime, and when all the quarantine chaos is over, you’ll be able to look back and see all the fun you had. Take that, quarantine! To take it a step further, you can add real flowers and props to the chalk-drawn backdrops to make them pop! This is a versatile activity that you’ll remember for years to come!

Mix Fun and Education!

With schools closing, many parents worry about their children not getting enough education during this time, but when the kids are stuck at home, learning is the last thing on their minds. Make it fun! Take the kiddos outside and create word games and brain-stimulating activities with chalk. You can create fun matching games, word searches, and many other outlets for your kids’ educational growth.

There’s a lot you can do with something as simple as chalk. I’ve touched on some really fun ideas, but the possibilities are endless! I hope you can use these ideas to kickstart your sidewalk fun with your kiddos and beat this quarantine slump!